Walker Evans: Public Photographs, 1935-1937


March 20–April 24, 1998


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Walker Evans

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Walker Evans’ career as a photographer was almost five decades long, beginning shortly after his return from France in 1928 and continuing to the year before his death in 1975. But he is best known for the images upon which this exhibition is based, nearly all of which he created in the fifteen-month period between June 1935 and August 1936 when he was employed by the Resettlement Administration.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a symposium, “Walker Evans: Counterspy,” will take place on March 28 in the Screening Room of the Center for the Arts from 1 pm to 5 pm. Participants will be Howard S. Becker, J. David Sapir, William Christenberry, Jerry L. Thompson, and Bruce Jackson.


Guest curated by Bruce Jackson, Samuel P. Capen Professor of American Culture, SUNY Distinguished Professor, and Director of the UB Center for Studies in American Culture.

This exhibition is a part of the Curatorial Initiatives program of UB Art Galleries to provide UB faculty with a venue for the publication/exhibition of research projects.

Funding for the exhibition was provided by UB Art Gallery Curatorial Initiative Program and from Capen, Chair in American Culture. Additional funding for the symposium was provided by the University’s James H. McNulty Chari (Dennis Tedlock), Melodia C. Jones Chair (Raymond Federman), and the Faculty of the Arts and Letters (Kerry Grant, dean).