Satoru Takahashi's Dumping Sight: Landscape/Landscope


January 24–March 17, 1996



This exhibition features Japanese artist Satoru Takahashi using physical structure and written text to examine visual and linguistic constructions. Dumping Site consists of three revolving doors made of reflective glass with fish tank ceilings that served to obscure text written on the floor in concentric circles. Interaction is the crucial element. Takahashi challenges and empowers his audience to participate in his work. He believes that art enables continual revelation through change, becoming a working metaphor for existence itself.

Takahashi was born in 1958 in Kyoto, Japan, and presently lives and works in New York City. He received his BFA from Kyoto City University of Art in 1983 and in 1986, after attending Kyoto’s Graduate School, he moved to the United State to obtain his Masters degree in sculpture from Yale. Takahashi has exhibited in both Japan and the United States.

Curated by Vesela Sretenovic.