Former Sabre Gerry Meehan feeling right at home as visiting professor at UB

Published June 14, 2022


The Buffalo News interviewed Gerry Meehan on his new role as part of UB's Data Analytics in Sports Law and Management program.

Meehan’s titles are visiting professor and associate director of the Institute for Computational and Data Sciences.

The emerging sports program also has an association with the law school’s Center for the Advancement of Sport. Helen “Nellie” Drew, who worked with Meehan in the Sabres’ front office in the 1990s, is director of the center and a professor of practice in sports law.

“We are continuing to develop the model,” Meehan says. “We have the engineering department and law professors and a Ph.D. in mathematics and me all working together to combine legal issues and management issues and data sciences. People running teams need to make efficient decisions on player management, player development, contract negotiations, and all of these really large financial decisions.”

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