Chillingly realistic 'deepfake' videos of Margot Robbie go viral - so would you be able to tell the difference?

Published June 22, 2022


In an article about a very realistic deepfake video involving actress Margo Robbie, The Daily Mail included comments by Siwei Lyu, Empire Innovation Professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, in a 2021 UB news release concerning a deepfake spotting tool he created.

Deepfakes are composites made from many different photos, and most omit a crucial detail: light reflection in the eyes. Lyu said, “The cornea is almost like a perfect semisphere and is very reflective. So, anything that is coming to the eye with a light emitting from those sources will have an image on the cornea.”

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Canada Express News, The Switzerland Times, News7trends and additional international media outlets posted the story.