VOLUME 30, NUMBER 23 THURSDAY, March 4, 1999


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Assistant/Associate Professor-Department of Music, Posting #F-8109.
Associate/Full Professor-Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Division of Biostatistics, Posting #F-8110.
Assistant Professor, School Psychology-Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Posting #F-9001.
Assistant Professor, Higher Education-Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, Posting #F-9002.
Associate/Full Professor-Women's Studies Program, Posting #F-9009.
Assistant/Associate Professor (two positions available)-School of Nursing, Posting #F-9010.
Assistant/Associate Professor (12 month) Epidemiologist/Director of Graduate Studies-Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Posting #F-9011.
Assistant Professor (two positions available)-Department of Psychiatry, Posting #F-9012, 9013.
Assistant/Associate Professor-Department of Psychiatry, Posting #F-9014.
Professor and Chair-Department of Biochemistry, Posting #F-9015.


Marketing Coordinator (SL-4)-Millard Fillmore College, Posting #P-8030.
Web Specialist (SL-3)-Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth, Posting #P-8133.
Multimedia Software Developer (SL-3)(two positions available)-Health Professions Information Technology Partnership, Posting #P-9006, 9007.
Assistant to Chair (SL-3)-Department of Biochemistry, Posting #P-9009.
Residence Hall Director (SL-2)-Office of Student Affairs, Posting #P-9010.
Senior Director of Development (MP-3B)-University Advancement and Development, Posting #P-9016.
Manager, Student Access (SL-4)-Computing and Information Technology, Posting #P-9018.
Assistant Dean (SL-4)-Dean's Office, Graduate School of Education, Posting #P-9019.
Director, Institute for Urban Education (SL-6)-Institute for Urban Education, Posting #P-9020.
Counseling or Clinical Psychologist (SL-5)-Counseling Center, Posting #P-9021.
Personnel Assistant/Associate (MP-6/MP-5) (three positions available)-Human Resource Services, Posting #P-9022.
Communication Systems Engineer (SL-4)-Department of Computing and Information Technology, Posting #P-9023.
Sr. Communication Systems Analyst (SL-4)-Department of Computing and Information Technology, Posting #P-9024.
Programmer/Analyst (SL-3)(two positions available)-Student Finances and Records, Posting #P-9025, 9026.
Director, Counseling Center (SL-6)-Counseling Center, Posting #P-9027.
Assistant to the Chair (SL-4)-Department of Oral Biology, Posting #P-9028.


Research Project Coordinator-Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Women's Health Initiative, Posting #R-98103.
Study Director-Center for Research on Urban Social Work Practice, Posting #R-98105.
Research Lab Technician II-Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Posting #R-99018.
Research Support Specialist-Department of Internal Medicine, Posting #R-99019.
Research Support Specialist-CEDAR, Posting #R-99020.

Competitive Classified Civil Service

Calculations Clerk I (SG-6)-Department of Clinical Dentistry, Line #30093.
Keyboard Specialist (SG-6)-Department of Public Safety, Line #31060.

Non-Competitive/Labor Classified Civil Service

Building Service Aide (NS-3), part time, temporary) (three positions available)-University Facilities, Line # to be determined.
Printshop Supervisor II-University Print and Mail Services, Line #30995.
Painter (SG-12)-University Residence Halls, Line #43104.

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