This article is from the archives of the UB Reporter.

A letter to the new First Lady

Published: December 23, 2008

Dear Michelle,

The night the country realized that the president elect would be Sen. Obama, I cried. I shed tears for history coming to life, for the dreams of those who came before us, for the sweet voice of my 8-year-old son crying out loud, “Mama we have a black president! We never had one before! Democracy for the USA!”

I cried because so many lived to see this magnificent time come to pass. We spoke proudly of change. We watched the unimaginable became a reality, and through all the many months rallying…you were there. A symbol of peace, hope, serenity, strength, tenderness, support and wisdom for so many African-American women to always remain elegant and poised in all situations.

While I did not have my own mother for very long, I have been blessed to meet women along my journey who add to my spirit. Your spirit adds to my spirit. Your grace is remarkable. The challenge you have before you can only add to the strength you already embody. This country is blessed. For on Nov. 4, not only did we obtain a president who speaks truth and equality, but also a beautiful First Lady who will fight for, stand beside, believe in and support the desperately needed change this country needs.

—Nicole Yvonne Brown, seventh-grade English teacher, Elko Middle School, Virginia