Tutorials and Training

Find additional resources to get the most out of UBlearns.

Video Tutorials produced by UBlearns

  • User/Enrollment Management
    • Enrolling Users into your course
    • Changing a users role (Example: TA, Grader etc)
    • Making a course available/unavailalbe to a user

Tutorials and guides produced by Blackboard

Some features provided by Blackboard are not available in UBlearns.

Workshops and Individual Assistance

The Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) offers a variety of workshops on the use of UBlearns and other instructional technologies. UBlearns workshops are open to the entire UB community.

Individual assistance and customized group sessions can also be arranged through the UBlearns Support Team.


Collaborate with a Librarian

Enhance your course by integrating library resources into your UBlearns course. Subject Librarians at UB are available to assist faculty in locating research and teaching resources for specific courses or assignments. The Librarian can help customize content for your class and provide research assistance through UBlearns.

  • Request a tailored research guide.
    Librarians can create a research guide tailored to an assignment. Guides include suggested resources and search strategy tips.
  • Request help with research assignments.
    Librarians will work with you to create an effective research assignment.
  • Link to a librarian.
    Provide contact information for your subject librarian so students can ask questions directly.
  • Add a librarian to your course.
    If you enroll the librarian in your course and assign them a role, they can upload links to print and electronic resources.

Join the Instructor Learning Community

Explore UBlearns from a student's point of view by enrolling yourself in this example course. See course elements submitted by various faculty members. Examples include syllabi, various media, discussion forums, quizzes, assessments, games, and rubrics. You will be unable to modify any settings.

Enrolling in the UBlearns Instructor Learning Community course site

  1. Login to UBlearns.
  2. Select Courses tab.
  3. In the Course Search box, search for Learning Community.
  4. The Enroll button gives you full access to the course.

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