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Streaming Audio and Video Content in UBlearns

Use UB's streaming server, YouTube or Google Drive to add video and audio content.

About Audio and Video Content

We don't recommend adding video files to UBlearns because of size and performance issues. Our recommendation is to stream the video with one of the following methods:

Using the UB streaming servers

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  1. Make sure you have a file that will stream successfully.
    • Several different streaming formats can be used. See the Streaming Server page for details. Successful formats include:  Windows Media files (.wmv/.wma), MPEG/H.264 files (.mp4, .mp3, .m4v) and QuickTime files (.mov).
    • Window sizes should be approximately 320x240 and 360x272 for widescreen video.
    • Video files that are too large may not play over the Internet.
  2. Request disk space.
    1. Fill out the streaming server web form.
    2. Once you have been given space on the server, you will receive an email containing the following information. Make sure you save this email; you will need to use this information.
      • The server host name (e.g.,
      • A directory path, such as:
      • The address or URL to use to access your video.
  3. Upload your file to the streaming server.
    Use SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) software to upload your file to the streaming server. Download SFTP software if you don’t already have it.
  4. Link to your video in UBlearns.
    1. Open a Content area.
    2. Select Build Content drop-down list > Web Link.
    3. Complete the options.
    4. Click Submit.


Upload to YouTube / Add as a mashup or URL

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  • Create a YouTube account, upload your content, and set your privacy preferences.
  • YouTube videos can be added to UBlearns as a Mashup or URL.
  • If you wish to add content to UBlearns as a Mashup, select privacy setting “Public” so that you can search for it using the Mashup tool.  After it has been selected, you can change the privacy setting to “Unlisted”.
  • Unlisted videos will not become part of any search, and the only way to find an unlisted video is if you are given the URL.
  • Visit the UBlearns help site for information on the Mashup.

Upload to Google Drive

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  • Create a Google Drive Account
  • Upload your file
  • Once it is uploaded, right click on the video and select “Share”
  • Click “Advanced”
  • Click “Change…” and select “anyone with the link”
  • Click “Save”
  • Copy the link from “Link to Share” and
  • Click “Done”
  • In your UBlearns course you can create a Weblink and then paste the link (copied from “Link to Share”) into the URL text box

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