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photo of Kemper Lewis

Kemper Lewis, Ph.D.

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Professor 
Executive Director

Specialty/Research Focus

Collaborative design and decision making, visual design steering, multiobjective optimization, strategic product design, flexible systems design, hybrid optimization.

Selected Publications

  1. Dolan, B., and Lewis, K., 2008, "Robust Product Family Consolidation and Selection," Journal of Engineering Design, accepted.
  2. Ferguson, S.F., Kasprzak, E.M., and Lewis, K., 2008, "Design of a Family of Reconfigurable Vehicles Using Multilevel Multidisciplinary Design Optimization," Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization Journal, accepted.
  3. Gurnani, A., and Lewis, K., 2008, "Using Bounded Rationality to Improve Decentralized Design," AIAA Journal, accepted.
  4. Chiu, P., Naim, A., Bloebaum, C.L., Lewis, K., 2008, "The Intuitive Visualization of the Hyperspace Pareto Frontier for Multi-attribute Decision-Making Under Uncertainty," International Journal of Product Development, accepted.
  5. Olewnik, A., and Lewis, K., 2008, "Limitations of the House of Quality to Provide Quantitative Design Information," International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 125-146.
  6. Kulok, M., and Lewis, K., 2007, "A Method to Ensure Preference Consistency in Multiattribute Selection Decisions," ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, Vol. 129, No. 10, pp. 1002-1011.
  7. See, T.K., and Lewis, K., 2006, "A Formal Approach to Handling Conflicts in Multiattribute Group Decision Making," ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, Vol. 128, No. 4, pp. 678-688.
  8. Chanron, V., and Lewis, K. 2005, "A Study of Convergence in Decentralized Design Processes," Research in Engineering Design, Vol. 16, pp. 133-145.