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photo of Thomas Feeley

Thomas Feeley, Ph.D.

Department of Communications, Professor and Chair

Specialty/Research Focus

Interpersonal and health communication

Recent Journal Articles

Feeley, T. H., Anker, A. E., & Aloe, A. (2012). The Door-in-the-Face Persuasive Message Strategy: A Meta-Analysis of the first 35 Years. Communication Monographs, 79 (3), 316-343.

Anker, A. E., & Feeley, T. H. (2011). Are Non-Participants in Prosocial Behavior Merely Innocent Bystanders?.Health Communication, 26(1), 13-24.

Anker, A. E., & Feeley, T. H. (2011). Difficult communication: Compliance-gaining strategies of organ procurement coordinators. Journal of Health Communication, 16, 372-392.

Feeley, T. H., & Anker, A. E. (2012). Estimating the Risks of Acquiring a Kidney Abroad: A Meta-Analysis of Complications Following Participation in Transplant Tourism. Clinical Transplantation, 26(3), E232–E241.

DeLair, S., Feeley, T.H., Kim, H., Martin, J., Kim-Schluger, L., Rudow, D.L., Orloff, M., Sheiner, P.A., & Teperman, L. (2010). A peer-based intervention to educate liver transplant candidates about living donor liver transplantion. Liver Transplantation, 16, 42-48.