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photo of Diane Elze

Diane Elze, PhD

School of Social Work, Associate Professor and Director of the MSW Program

Specialty/Research Focus

Risk and protective factors for sexual minority youth; Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered issues in service utilization; HIV prevention interventions with adolescents; Adolescent and mental health

Recent Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals

  1. Elze, D. (in press). Review essay: Kicked Out. Journal of Qualitative Social Work: Research and Practice.
  2. Elze, D. (2007). Research with sexual minority youths: Where do we go from here? Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services, 18(2), 73-99.
  3. Edmond, T., Auslander, W., Elze, D., & Bowland, S. (2006). Signs of resilience in sexually abused adolescent girls in the foster care system. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse. 15(1), 1-28.
  4. Elze, D. (2003). 8,000 Miles and Counting – Reaching Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Adolescents for Research. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services, 15(1/2), 127-145.
  5. Elze, D. (2003). Gay, lesbian and bisexual adolescents’ perceptions of their high school environments and factors associated with their comfort in school. Children & Schools, 25, 225-239.

Book Chapters

  1. Elze, D. (2009). Strategies for recruiting and protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youths in the research process. In W. Meezan & J.I. Martin (Eds.). Handbook of research with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations (pp. 40-68). New York, NY: Routledge.
  2. Elze, D. (2006) Working with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. In C. Franklin, M.B. Harris, P. Allen-Meares (Eds.), The School Services Sourcebook: A Guide for School-Based Professionals (pp. 861-870). New York: Oxford University Press.
  3. Elze, D. (2006). Oppression, prejudice and discrimination. In D.F. Morrow & L. Messinger (Eds.), Sexual orientation and gender expression in social work practice: Working with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. New York: Columbia University Press.
  4. Elze, D., Auslander, W.F., McMillen, C., & Stiffman, A. (2006). The educational needs of youths in foster care. In G. Mallon & P. Hess (Eds.), The handbook of children, youth and families: Practices, policies, and programs (pp. 185-204). New York: Columbia University Press.

Conference Proceedings

  1. Elze, D. (2001). Help-seeking and professional support among gay, lesbian and bisexual adolescents. In C.C. Newman, C.J. Liberton, K. Kutash, & R.M. Friedman (Eds.), 13th annual proceedings, A system of care for children’s mental health: Expanding the research base. Tampa, FL: Research & Training Center for Children’s Mental Health.
  2. McMillen, C., Auslander, W., Stiffman, A., Elze, D., Krebill, H., & Sherraden, M. (2001). The Bridges to Life Options program: Preliminary descriptive information. In K.A. Nollan & C.A. Downs (Eds.), Preparing youth for long-term success: Proceedings from the Casey Family Program National Independent Living Forum (pp. 95-98). Washington, DC: Child Welfare League of America.
  3. Elze, D. (2000). Risk and protective factors in mental health and behavioral functioning among sexual minority youths. Proceedings of the Twelfth National Symposium on Doctoral Research in Social Work (pp. 42-48). Columbus, OH: The Ohio State University College of Social Work.