Our Transformation Initiatives

Sponsored Programs Improvement Initiative

The UB 2020 assessment of business and operational infrastructure identified the need to fully integrate the staff and operations of Grants and Contracts Services and Sponsored Programs Administration into a single organization.  This merged organization would provide full support of sponsored projects—from proposal concept all the way through award close-out—with improved customer service to UB faculty and the research community, and enhanced compliance with sponsor regulations.

Goals of Initiative

Focus SPS on two end results:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Fully compliant processes
  • Develop team work environment
  • Fully integrate staff and organize around major life cycle events
  • Increase Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) staff understanding of principles of sponsored project administration
  • Increase breadth and depth of staff knowledge
  • Expand SPS staff roles, distribute authority and increase accountability
  • Develop and deliver structured training to SPS, project and departmental staff

All of these goals are designed to improve customer service to UB faculty and the research community as well as enhancing the compliance environment at UB.

Key Objectives and Guiding Principles

  • Reduce administrative burden on PI’s in applying for and administering contracts and grants:  ensure that processes are seamless to the PI
  • Create a single entity to provide administrative support services -  from concept to close out
  • Create a one stop shopping approach for sponsored program support
  • Provide full service to PI’s with topic knowledge and expertise
  • Develop and deliver effective training to research community and SPS staff
  • Have clearly defined roles, responsibilities and accountabilities

What We've Achieved

  • Consolidated research services (pre and post) and co-located in Fall 2006 – formed the Office of Sponsored Projects Services
  • Structure, Roles, Responsibilities:
    • Three Life Cycle Teams, each with a leader
    • Each team has portfolio of departments and researchers
    • All staff broadly trained in sponsored project administration
    • Roles grouped into families of related functions
    • Development of a career ladder for SPS staff based on increased knowledge and increased responsibility

All restructuring is designed to support a highly trained staff that serve UB PIs, the research community and the external funding agencies that provide significant financial resources in support of UB’s research programs.

Contact person for more information:

Ken Tramposch
Associate Vice President for Research
(716) 645-3321