Environmental Stewardship Committee

Working Groups

The structure of working groups in the ESC suggests the scope and ambition of the planning being done. Each of the following groups includes members of the main committee plus other students, faculty and staff with interest and/or expertise in their respective subjects:

The energy subcommittee

Leads implementation of Climate Action Plan projects to conserve energy in the design and operation of buildings and grounds; on the purchase of energy from renewable sources; and on the production of energy on campus.

Michael Dupre, chair

The transportation subcommittee

Works to put implement action items to provide “greener” and more energy-efficient means of commuting and traveling between UB’s three campuses; to promote transportation alternatives such as carpooling, cycling, and transit; and to reduce travel demand.

James Nadbrzuch and Jim Simon, co-chairs

The materials subcommittee

Organizes implementation of action items to minimize waste, promote campus-wide recycling and to promote the purchase of environmentally friendly equipment and materials for UB operations.

Dan Vivian, chair

The information technology subcommittee

Focuses on efforts to conserve energy through purchase of more efficient equipment, the more efficient operation of existing equipment and through the use of telecommunications technology to reduce travel demand.

Thomas Furlani, chair

The research, teaching, and public service subcommittee

Leads development of actions to advance the core mission of the university—the production, transmission and application of knowledge—in service of the cause of sustainability, both on campus and beyond.

Kenneth Tramposch and Alan Rabideau, co-chairs

The outreach and communications subcommittee

Works to tell the story of UB’s efforts to create more sustainable campuses—and to encourage members of the university and community alike to join in.

Chair to be announced