Student Services Transformation Updates


Processing UB student applications and transitioning accepted students toward enrollment.

Final Update

As of August 4, 2011 the Admissions offices on campus have been fully live in HUB for one full year!  While it was a challenging year, this is a great accomplishment for all of us.  We learned many lessons along this very bumpy road and are currently making adjustments to processes to make things even better for the 2012 application processing cycle.  Spring and Fall 2012 applications are already being processed.

We would like to thank all those involved that worked tirelessly over the past year to make sure this cycle went as smoothly as possible, especially Steven Shaw, Chris Connor, Josh Kelley, Alex Nelson, Jessica Farley, Jennifer Meyers, Barbara Rooney and the EAS staff of Steve Woodward, Mary Skalicky, Chris Campise and Ann Forest.  Without all your hard work we would not be where we are today.

We are looking forward to all of the upcoming changes so that we can make the system even easier to use by both staff and applicants.