Current Status

This spring brings a new name to our student system and series of several comprehensive “Go-Lives” that will begin to provide students with access to new services by activating additional features. As you are probably aware, UBSIS has been renamed to HUB.  Specifically in March, both new and continuing students will soon be able to view, accept or reject financial aid packages and register for classes.

With help from Student Affairs, the Student Services Transformation (SST) is preparing to embark on a major student marketing campaign to raise awareness that they will begin using HUB to schedule classes at the end of March.  A transitional website for students has been set up at and will include “just in time” tutorials on how to use the new system.

The Data Access Team continues to work diligently with unit representatives to create, customize and test reports that support all types of unit decision-making.  The “big win” with integrating the iStrategy software with HUB is the wide range of reports that can be generated fitting most common business needs.  Custom reports specific to departmental needs can be generated, and bi-weekly meetings to support departmental representatives continue.

Additionally,there are a number of changes in business process that are being addressed through a massive training effort. Departmental personnel have given generously of their time to assist with the “train the trainers” effort – many thanks to them all.  The project sponsors have reminded our leadership that there will be a learning curve to understanding these new systems, but the training team has worked closely with campus-wide departmental personnel to anticipate training and support needs – and as a result, we anticipate a reasonably smooth transition.

Other business changes include the discontinuing of paper-based DARS reports.  This information will be contained in HUB, and we’re pleased to start the reduction of our “carbon footprint” by significantly reducing paper-based transactions.

The UB2020SST website continues to post Town Hall opportunities (and recorded archives).  It also contains links to the HUB Training site, and student HUB transition site.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact and your question/concern will be directed to the proper point of contact.

We hope you share the SST team’s excitement as we draw closer to making this multi-year effort a reality.