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Strategic Information Reporting Initiative (SIRI)


March 20, 2009

SIRI is celebrating its one year anniversary with expanded access, enhancements, and significant progress towards achieving the vision of a single authoritative source for information and reporting. SIRI now includes reports and dashboards for financial, human resource, procurement, and Resource Management analysis and reports.


As part of the university’s ongoing IT and Financial Transformations, UB instituted the Strategic Information Reporting Initiative (SIRI), a campus-wide endeavor designed to put in place a single, comprehensive, and authoritative source for reporting and accessing strategic institutional information.

The university serves more than 28,000 students and over 10,000 employees, and as such, has a critical need for reliable, readily accessible, and consistent information. Historically, however, our university has faced a number of information challenges. Our size and complexity have led to multiple (and often conflicting) information sources and systems, differences in reporting conventions and terminology, and gaps in communication of information shared by various units. These multiple systems have resulted in numerous data quality issues, as well as significant inefficiencies and unnecessary costs incurred across campus.

To address these challenges, SIRI will integrate student, research, financial, human resources, facilities, and philanthropic data across funding sources into a single, reliable, and continually updated repository, and provide a single analytic and reporting solution for this data through state of the art tools. SIRI will also provide the data reporting environment that will build the foundation for enhanced analysis and strategic decision making in the future.


Develop a complete strategy and implementation plan for aggregating and integrating the various sources of information that are important to the strategic, managerial, and operational concerns of the university and its units and departments. Create an easy and straightforward interface that can be used by unit CFO’s, department managers, and central administrators to access, interpret, and report the data.