Areas of Research

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ICT researchers focus on several major areas of study.

Information Science

Information Science is concerned with the capabilities of humans and machines to create, discover and reason with information by advancing the ability to represent (as related to ontology), collect, store, organize, locate, secure, visualize and communicate information. This field encompasses all points on the data-information-knowledge spectrum:

  • Data/Computer Security
  • Wireless Computing
  • Data Mining, Fusion Recognition, Learning
  • Ontology and Reasoning

Human-Computer Interaction

Human-Computer Interaction is concerned with design, implementation, and evaluation of computerized support systems and interface technologies that are useful and usable by a broad cross-section of people. This is an interdisciplinary field bringing together researchers in engineering, computer science, and the behavioral and social sciences in order to understand the impact of information and computing technology on individuals, groups, and organizations. This research area focuses on:

  • Graphics, Haptics, Speech
  • Collaborative Computing

Computational Science

Computational Science is the integration of fundamental disciplinary science knowledge with advanced computing and mathematical modeling. Along with experimentation and theory development, computational science has become a third method of scientific enquiry; and, as the newest methodology, it is currently poised for exponential growth. This research area focuses on:

  • Parallel, Cluster, and Grid Computing
  • Multi-Scale Modeling