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photo of Chunming Qiao

Chunming Qiao, Ph.D.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Professor

Specialty/Research Focus

Photonic switching, optical interconnection networks, reconfigurable systems and parallel algorithms; All-optical networks, WDM/TDM communications, network architectures, control and management; Advanced networking and internetworking issues such as IP over WDM and next generation wireless system.

Book Chapters

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Referred Journal Articles

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  1. Efficient trap avoidance and shared protection method in survivable networks with shared risk link groups and a survivable network, C. Qiao, D. Xu and Y. Xiong, US 7,701,848, Issued April 2010 (Assigned to SUNY Buffalo)
  2. Signaling and routing protocols for an integrated cellular and relaying system, H. Wu, C. Qiao, S. Dixit, US 7,444,152, Issued Oct. 2008, (Assigned to Nokia Corp.)
  3. Segment protection scheme for a network, C. Qiao, D. Xu and Y. Xiong, US 7,398,321, Issued July 2008 (Licensed to Gilead Science Institute)
  4. Methods to process and forward control packets in OBS/LOBS and other burst switched networks, C. Qiao and J Staley, US 7,286,531, Issued Oct. 2007 (Assigned to Brilliant Optical Networks LLC)
  5. Efficient optical network design using multi-granular optical cross-connects with wavelength band switching, X. Cao, C. Qiao, V. Anand and Y. Xiong, US 7,162,632, Issued Jan. 2007 (License to Gilead Science Institute )
  6. Method to control a special class of OBS/LOBS and other burst switched network devices, C. Qiao and J Staley, US 7,042,906, Issued May 2006 (Assigned to Brilliant Optical Networks LLC)
  7. Labeled optical burst switching for IP-over-WDM integration, C. Qiao, US 6,956,868, Issued Oct. 2005 (Assigned to Brilliant Optical Networks LLC)