Cultivating Strategic Strengths

How the Strengths Were Formed

The eight strategic strengths were identified through a faculty-driven, university-wide planning process. 

The provost initiated the process by assembling a leadership group, comprised of faculty and administrators, to assess the breadth and depth of UB scholarly activity in a chosen focus area. Focus areas were selected based upon a history of strong research that directly addressed 21st-century challenges and emerging technologies. This team then composed a vision statement, rooted in its assessment, addressing the current state of scholarship along with potential opportunity for growth. A committee of relevant deans vetted and approved the vision statement after consulting with the university community.

Once the vision was approved, a coordinating committee of participating deans determined how to best allocate resources and hiring for strength operations and growth. A Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) was formed to lead and drive the strength toward realizing its vision. FAC members participated in relevant hiring committees, helping our faculty to grow strategically. Activities also were planned to further encourage research and collaboration.