John Dugan

Department of Classics, Associate Professor

Specialty/Research Focus

Latin literature; prose and poetry of the late Republic; Greek and Roman rhetoric and oratory; ancient and modern literary theory and aesthetics; Cicero.

Selected Publications

  1. Making a New Man: Ciceronian Self-Fashioning in the Rhetorical Works (Oxford University Press, 2005).
  2. “Rhetoric and the Roman Republic.” In The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Rhetoric edited by Erik Gunderson (Cambridge University Press, 2009).

  3. "Modern Critical Approaches to Roman Rhetoric." in A Companion to Roman Rhetoric, W. Dominik and J. Hall eds. (Blackwell Publishing, 2006).
  4. "Preventing Ciceronianism: C. Licinius Calvus' regimens for sexual and oratorical self-mastery." Classical Philology 96 (2001) 400-428.
  5. "How to Make (and break) a Cicero: Epideixis, Textuality, and Self-fashioning in the Pro Archia and In Pisonem." Classical Antiquity 20 (2001) 35-78.


  1. “Sexual and oratorical self-mastery: C. Licinius Calvus‟s medical regimen and his Atticism.” Read at the Society of Ancient Medicine‟s “Medicine and Rhetoric” Panel at the American Philological Association annual meeting in Dallas, December 28, 1999.
  2. “(Non) Bona Dicta: Intertextuality between Catullus 11 and Cicero‟s De Oratore.” American Philological Association annual meeting, Washington, D.C., December 28, 1998.
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  4. “Cicero's „Naturalization‟ of Poetry in the Pro Archia.” American Philological Association annual meeting, Atlanta, December 28, 1994.
  5. “Quanta in verbis captio: Text and Meaning in Cicero's Brutus. University of California at Los Angeles, November 4, 2010. University of California at Berkeley, November 8, 2010.
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  8. “Non sine causa sed sine fine: Cicero‟s compulsion to repeat his Consulate.” Topics in Roman History and Culture Seminar, Yale University Classics Department, April 20, 2001.
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