Strength Leadership and Affiliated Faculty

Faculty discussion.

Learn more about the leadership and research of faculty affiliated with the Strategic Strength in Cultures and Texts.

Faculty Advisory Committee

James Bono.
Rachel Ablow.

Rachel E. Ablow
Associate Professor

Peter Biehl.

Peter Biehl
Associate Professor and Chair

Janina Brutt-Griffler.
Richard Cohen.
David Castillo.
image of Robert Daly.

Robert J. Daly
SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor

John R. Dugan
Associate Professor

Jean-Pierre Koenig.
Amy Graves-Monroe.

James L. Maynard
Assistant Curator and Senior Assistant Librarian
The Poetry Collection, University Libraries

Deans' Coordinating Committee

Full List of Affiliated Faculty

A full list of on-campus researchers whose work affiliates them with Cultures and Texts can be found in our directory.