Susan Vivian Mangold, JD

School of Law, Professor 

Specialty/Research Focus

Child welfare law

Selected Publications

Follow the Money: The Impact of Federal, State and Local Funding on Adoption in Ohio (with Catherine Cerulli) Capital University Law Reviewvol. 38: 349 (2009) [SSRN]

Poor Enough to Be Eligible? Child Abuse, Neglect and the Poverty Requirement, St. John's Law Review vol. 81(3): 575-600 (2007) [SSRN]

Reforming Child Protection in Response to the Catholic Church Child Sexual Abuse Scandal, Univeristy of Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy vol. 14: 155-178 (2003)

Transgressing the Border Between Protection and Empowerment for Domestic Violence Victims and Older Children: Empowerment as Protection in the Foster Care System, New England Law Review vol. 36: 69-127 (2001) [SSRN]

Extending Non-Exclusive Parenting and the Right to Protection for Older Foster Children: Creating Third Options in Permanency Planning, Buffalo Law Review vol. 48: 835-879 (2000)

Challenging the Parent-Child State Triangle in Public Family Law: The Importance of Private Providers in the Dependency System, Buffalo Law Review vol. 47: 1397-1456 (1999) [SSRN]

Protection, Privatization, and Profit in the Foster Care System, Ohio State Law Journal vol. 60: 1295-1326 (1999) [SSRN]

Guest Editor, LAW AND POLICY: SPECIAL ISSUE (Co-editor with Murray Levine, Ph.D., J.D. of Focus on the Child in International Law: The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Volume 17, Number 4 (1995))

Abuse and Neglect: Historical and Cultural Perspectives in Chicago Companion to the Child, University of Chicago Press (University of Chicago Press, 2009)

Expanding the Parent-Child-State Triangle in Public Family Law inCompeting Paradigms: Children, Religion, and Human Rights (M.A. Fineman, editor) (2009)