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UB 2020

University at Buffalo's strategic plan

UB 2020 Planning Archives

Phase I: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has been established to serve as an overall advisory body to the President and Provost to provide oversight and coordination for the development and implementation of strategic initiatives and other efforts and projects designed to advance the goals and objectives of the institution.

In support of this purpose, the Executive Committee will, among other things:

  1. Consider and develop appropriate processes and methods for actively engaging the campus in comprehensive, integrated, institution-wide strategic planning.
  2. Consider and develop strategies and recommendations for identifying, developing and implementing strategic goals and objectives.
  3. Identify the principles for campus resource allocation and management.
  4. Monitor the progress of achieving and realizing strategic objectives.
  5. Develop strategies and recommendations for appropriately communicating the strategies and directives of the Executive Committee to campus stakeholders and constituents.

The Executive Committee will be supported by two Planning Committees and will receive regular status reports, analyses, data, information and recommendations from the Committees and from individual Project Teams as appropriate. The two Planning Committees are charged with the following:

  1. Academic Planning Committee, headed by the Provost, is initially charged with overseeing the development of the academic Strategic Strengths, the coordination and integration of programmatic planning, the development of the Mission II Review, and the alignment of the academic infrastructure and organizations.
  2. Academic Support Planning Committee, headed by the Executive Vice President for Finance and Operations, is initially charged with overseeing the identification, prioritization, development and implementation of business and operational initiatives, the development of an all-funds campus budget process (developed jointly with the Academic Planning Committee), the development of a long-term facility and planning process and plan, and the development of a capital fundraising campaign.

In addition to project team support for these efforts, the Planning Committees have been established to provide leadership, advice, and council for the efforts. The following layers of project support and leadership will be used to support the strategic planning process:

  1. President and Provost
  2. Executive Committee
  3. Planning Committees
  4. Project Teams
  5. Project Managers

Executive Committee Membership

John Simpson, President

Satish Tripathi, Provost

Dennis R. Black, Vice President for Student Affairs

Uday Sukhatme, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

James A. Willis, Chief of Staff and Special Assistant to the President

Peter A. Nickerson, Faculty Senate Chair (ex officio)

Tamara Thornton, Chair, History