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UB 2020

University at Buffalo's strategic plan

UB 2020 Planning Archives

Phase I: Government University and Industry Task Force

Strategic Issues

  • The UB legislative agenda is not presently informed by an overarching campus strategy
  • UB does not have a meaningful strategy for developing corporate partners
  • UB is not getting full credit for its successes
    • Within community, government, industry, academia

Organizational Issues

  • The campus operates in decanal and operational silos preventing synergistic opportunities to build stronger industry and government relationships from materializing
  • Organizational incentives to increase corporate revenues are not sufficient
  • University capitalizes on the strength of individual relationships but has not established broader 'institutional' relationships with government

Process Issues

  • There are a limited number of processes in place to coordinate cross campus industry and / or government efforts
    • UB lacks a comprehensive, unified and coordinated communication and marketing process for developing industry relationships
    • UB lacks a formal process for developing federal requests

Technological Issues

  • The campus lacks the systems necessary to collect and share information needed to expand industry and government efforts


  • Colin G. Drury, Professor and Chair, Department of Industrial Engineering
  • Anne M. Dunford, Assistant Vice President, Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Bruce A. Holm, Senior Vice Provost and Director, Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics
  • Mark H. Karwa, Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Woodrow W. Maggard, Associate Vice Provost for Science, Technology Transfer and Economic Outreach
  • Norma J. Nowak, Director of Scientific Planning, Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics
  • Janet E. Penksa, Associate Vice President for University Services and Director, Government Affairs
  • John B. Sheffer II, Director, Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth
  • John M. Thomas, Dean, School of Management
  • Kenneth M. Tramposch, Associate Vice President, Research
  • John J. Wood, Director of Communications, Office of International Education