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UB 2020

University at Buffalo's strategic plan

UB 2020 Planning Archives

Criteria for Evaluation

"Focus of Excellence" Proposals

  • The people have demonstrated excellence in scholarship and achievement.
  • There is a committed leader.
  • They are well funded and/or have the potential to be well funded.
  • The group works together and involves interdisciplinary research.
  • It has potential for national prominence.
  • Demonstration of sustainable growth (it is self-sustaining).
  • It is consistent with academic plans and priorities.
  • It is measurable (elements that can be measured or impacts positively on ranking).
  • It benefits current and future UB graduates.
  • It has relevance (clear connection or relevance to environmental stakeholders (e.g., industry, public sector, government science, technology, local public service).
  • It is an area in which we can excel.