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UB 2020

University at Buffalo's strategic plan

UB 2020 Planning Archives

Phase I: Strategic Planning Approach

The Executive Vice President for Finance and Operations will lead the Academic Support Planning effort. He will be supported by an Academic Support Planning Committee that will be staffed with an appropriate number of campus constituents who are capable of providing strategic direction and creative thoughts about academic support processes and efficient delivery models for the future.

The Academic Support Planning Committee will debate and discuss a variety of issues and will be supported by project teams and task forces that will further develop recommendations, gather and consider alternatives to various planning concepts and ideas, and analyze data and information that will help inform critical decisions. Project teams will also conduct external benchmarking and best practice reviews to support the development of their recommendations. AVCOR will develop and deploy an appropriate methodology and process that will foster the creation of an operational assessment as well as serve as a facilitator of the Committee meetings. AVCOR will be responsible for establishing weekly agendas, and provide any necessary documentation, information, data and / or analyses that are required of the Committee. AVCOR will produce and retain minutes and notes of Committee meeting and distribute them in appropriate fashion.

The Academic Support Planning Committee will be staffed with Deans, Vice Presidents, faculty, one or more student representatives, and other subject matter experts as appropriate. It is recommended that they initially establish meeting schedules of at least twice monthly and will more likely need to meet once per week. The Academic Support Planning Committee will be charged with realizing the objectives stated above by whatever means necessary. The Academic Support Planning Committee will be given the authority to request and utilize subject matter experts from across the campus to advance its objectives.

Project Teams will be used to assess current operations and will consider and review such topics as the efficiency and related costs of providing financial, HR, purchasing and other business services to the campus community. Project Teams will work at the discretion of the Planning Committee and will be supported by an AVCOR resource that will provide all necessary project management and support, including work plans, tasks, assignments, deliverables creation, facilitation, etc. Project Teams will regularly review their progress with the Planning Committee and the Planning Committee will routinely provide appropriate direction and support as necessary.

The initial assessment of opportunities will be accomplished within 60 days of the commencement of the project team. It is anticipated that the initial assessment will include a prioritization of opportunities and a business rationale supporting the recommendation. It is also anticipated that following a review of the recommendation and assessment by both the Academic Support Planning Committee and the Executive Committee a further refinement and detailed analysis of the opportunities will be conducted. The timeline for the second phase analysis will be determined and based on the number of opportunities requiring detailed analysis.