SMART engages partners throughout the university and beyond to bring focused expertise and unique capabilities to the challenge of a revitalized manufacturing industry in New York State.  Strategic partners include partners both inside and outside of the University working with the various groups facilitated by faculty leaders. 

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SMART Advisory Groups

The Research Working Group will focus the community’s research performed by faculty and staff at the University.  The SMART CoE will align along three thrusts: Sustainable Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Processes, and Transformative Design.
The Education advisory group will focus on how the SMART CoE addresses components of  the university’s educational mission.  The educational strategies employed in the Community will focus on providing students with experiential learning opportunities that immerse them in the grand challenges associated with advanced design, manufacturing, and construction across scales of time, size, and complexity. 
By engaging partners outside the university through our focused expertise and unique capabilities, the Engagement working group of SMART will enable the development and application of new methodologies, software, and technologies to support Governor Cuomo’s desire for resurgence in manufacturing in New York State. 

Community Leadership

Kemper E. Lewis, PhD

Director, SMART Community of Excellence

Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

As director of the SMART Community of Excellence, Kemper Lewis facilitates the interdisciplinary research and education opportunities. He also engages external partners and assists the working groups in their focused explorations.

Ken English

Deputy Director, SMART Community of Excellence

Deputy Director, Center for Engineering Design and Applied Simulation

As deputy director of the SMART Community of Excellence, Ken English helps build the community through communications, events and networking opportunities.

Omar Khan

Co-Leader, SMART Community of Excellence

A co-leader of the SMART community of excellence, Omar Khan is interested in how advances in technology impact design across scales.

Michael Silver

Co-Leader, SMART Community of Excellence

A co-leader of the SMART community of excellence, Michael Silver is interested in the use of robotics outside the controlled enviroment of a factory.