UB Online Directory

For People

  • To narrow your search return, click on the faculty/staff or student buttons.
  • Not sure how to spell the person’s name? Use an asterisk (*) as a "wildcard" to "fill in the blanks" in a variety of ways.
    • J*Smith matches all Smiths with a first name beginning with the letter "J", (eg. Jane Smith, Joe Smith).
    • *ith matches all names where the last name ends with "ith" (eg. Smith, Galbraith).
    • Sm*th matches any name that starts with "Sm" and ends with "th" (eg. Smith, Smyth).
  • Even if you just have a person's phone number, email or UBITName, you can find them by choosing one of the "search by" options.
  • NB. If a student has requested that their directory information not be released, then the only institutional data in the online directory is their email address.

For Departments

  • You can find a department by its name or by what it does. For example, typing "English" will give you the Department of English and the English Language Institute.