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From Classrooms to Conference Rooms: Creating New School-of-Thought Leaders

Ask us why UB’s Graduate School of Education is ranked number 15 in online graduate education programs, in the top 18 percent of U.S. graduate schools of education, and in the lead on tackling tough issues, and we will proudly shine the spotlight on our ambitious students and world-class faculty. At UB, we are education innovators. As we continue to take bold steps, we can—and we will—go even further with investment from our compassionately committed partners.

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Our Priorities

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Here Is How We Attract a Diverse Group of Future Leaders

Our talented students continue to drive us forward in critical areas. But to continue recruiting and retaining the next generation, we need support for student scholarships and stipends. New initiatives including a Teacher Residency Program, Principal Residency Program and Instructional Coaches program will draw top students to UB, and have a direct impact on the success of our urban schools. To attract nationally competitive PhD students, we must also modernize our program’s stipends.

Here Is How Our Breakthrough Research Transforms Lives

Our award-winning faculty and researchers are leading the way in developing solutions to complex problems, and applying them to create countless new opportunities for individuals— and whole communities. The key to our success? Recruiting, retaining and supporting our faculty. Your support—through endowed professorships, vital upgrades to our labs and an inaugural speaker series, among other initiatives—will directly impact our students, continue to elevate our reputation internationally and play a vital role in implementing the next steps in education reform.

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Here Is How We Solve National Problems in Our Own Backyard

With an influx of philanthropy, we will continue to improve outcomes throughout the community while enriching the university experience for students and faculty alike. Our initiatives include:

  • Working with Buffalo Public Schools to improve literacy rates among early learners, increase the teacher pipeline through innovative recruitment, and develop a summer scholars program to help more students navigate to college
  • Redoubling our efforts at Buffalo’s most underserved schools
  • Creating a GSE Colloquium
  • Expanding our Faculty-in-Residence program
  • Helping teachers stay in jobs longer by creating a Teacher-Leader Institute

With your support, we’ll make a difference and improve opportunities here in Buffalo, and in cities around the globe.

The Power of Your Investment

UB’s Graduate School of Education is committed to big ideas, to research that enhances education, and to the talented students and faculty who get us there. Now, we need your help to continue our quest. We’ll start by preparing and training new-school-of-thought leaders for the 21st century. We’ll continue by ensuring that a UB education remains affordable and within reach for students and families everywhere. And we’ll support our faculty—and our communities—as we work together to improve the lives of countless students for generations to come. Your support is the next step as we look to lead the way to the future of education.

UB Fund: Immediate Support for Students

When you give to the UB Fund, your gift today is made available to help support students today. It’s that immediate. Giving to the UB Fund helps ensure our students have everything they need to become thoughtful global citizens, with 100 percent of gifts used to enhance the student experience, including crucial support for research, study abroad, student emergencies and community service opportunities.

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