Red Thread Theatre: Louisiana Bacchae (Fall 2016)

Arts One students were wowed by Louisiana Bacchae. Following the performance they got to talk to the cast and dancers about the process of developing a new play, especially one that combined so many elements.

This reworking of Euripides’ tragedy about intolerance, by WNY author Robert Waterhouse, is itself  is an exercize in inclusion, combining Greek mythology with African and Carribean traditions, combining theater with video, live music, and choreography (also from diverse traditions). The use of dancers for the traditional Greek chorus was particularly effective as was the use of the non-traditional performance space.

Featuring Christian Brandjes, Eileen Dugan, Greg Howze, Geoff Pictor, Bonnie Jean Taylor, and Harold White. Live Music by Tom Makar. Choreography by  Bonnie Jean Taylor. Video / Photography by Jim Bush.

The opportunity talk to the cast and dancers/chorus following the performance of Louisiana Bacchae was espeically meaningful (Sept. 29, 2016)