Jewish Repertory Theater: After the Revolution (Spring 2017)

Arts One class with Director Saul Elkin following performance of After the Revolution, 2/9/17.

Arts One students were priveleged to attend the opening night performance of Amy Herzog's play After the Revolution by the Jewish Repertory Theater of Buffalo.

The story centers on a family of Marxists coming to terms with the end of the Soviet Union and changes taking place in leftist politics at the end of the 20th century. It features a young lawyer (played by Bonnie Jean Taylor) struggling to square her family's history with her own sense of moral rectitude. As a release from JRT puts it, she and her family are "thrown into an intergenerational tailspin, forced to reconcile a thorny and delicate legacy." As Director Saul Elkin's explained, while the play centers around politics, at the center is a story of a family impacted by history, how that impact continues long after the historical "moment" ends, and how different generations react. 

In preparation for the performance, students were asked to read the play. Several students were shocked to learn about the McCarthy era, which provides important context for the play. Following the performance, students were able to ask questions of the actors and gained insight into the creative process.


Arts One students with the cast of Jitneyl (Oct. 7, 2016)