The University at Buffalo is the size of a small city. Each month we spend over $1 million to pay our energy bills. And with each unit of energy we consume, efficiently or wastefully, our natural environment is damaged - by drilling or mining or by air pollution that causes global climate change, acid rain, smog and respiratory illness.

UB has been remarkably successful conserving energy, reducing these environmental impacts and saving tax dollars better spent on academic programs. UB's energy conservation measures are estimated to save over $10 million each year. Since the advent of our conservation program in the late 1970s, cumulative energy savings of over $100 million have been reported. This accomplishment was made possible because of many conservation measures implemented by University Facilities. These behind-the-scenes efforts often go unnoticed by the University community. But there is an important role for all students, faculty and staff in UB's energy conservation program.

In the summer of 2003, UB saved $10,000 in energy costs in a single day when faculty, staff and students responded to a statewide power crisis by reducing unnecessary energy consumption in their offices, labs and workspaces. Imagine the savings in money and natural resources if we could do that every day. And we can. Your actions count. By working together we can really made a difference!

This website contains numerous suggestions for individuals, offices and departments to save energy. Learn more about saving energy at home.