For Multilingual Students

The CEW has become a great resource for undergraduate and graduate level multilingual students. We admire students who are doing university level work in a language outside of their native language. We enjoy working with students from all over the world and from diverse language traditions.

Individual Consultations

Multilingual students may take advantage of our individual consultation service as needed, up to three visits per week. Ongoing appointments attend to your particular writing needs as well as help you to accelerate your proficiency in written English. Sitting down and talking with a consultant is also good for your English speaking skills! While we do not edit course papers for students, we can help you to work on grammatical patterns in your writing. However, we will not neglect your development as a writer communicating important ideas. Come prepared to have an interesting discussion about the ideas in your piece and your strategies for expressing those ideas.

For multilingual writers working on the end stages of high stakes projects, we have created a
 service. Refer to our FAQ about this service for more information.


The co-editing service is not appropriate for regular course papers.

Writing Resources

The CEW provides many helpful resources for writers. Check out our Resources page for more.

The links below provide wriitng help specifically for students for whom English is a second language.