Consultation Services

Consultations for your students

The CEW’s mission is to support UB writers at every level (student, faculty and staff) and at any stage of the writing process. We primarily do so through our individual consultation services.

All of our consultants are UB students. Undergraduate consultants are particularly strong writers who have received faculty recommendations and who have taken a semester length course in writing pedagogy and one to one teaching strategies. Our graduate consultants are experienced and successful writers who may have experience teaching writing or have significant pedagogical coursework. Many are deep into the dissertation process. Of course, our consultants cannot be experts in the content areas of visiting writers, but they are thoughtful readers with a great sense of how to write to an audience for a specific purpose. 

Your students are welcome and encouraged to engage with CEW consultants as part of a healthy writing practice. Through dialogue, we guide writers toward the depth, complexity, substantiation, and precision that is a hallmark of quality academic writing.

International Students

UB’s national and linguistic diversity is a significant asset. International students have embraced the CEW’s individual consultation services and are welcome to come in as needed. Many will benefit from ongoing, regular appointments. We hope you will join us in supporting multilingual. See our page on supporting multilingual writers to learn more.