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Our people are our greatest asset.  They form community.  Welcome to the conversation.  

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Keenan Phillips


I joined the CEW a little over a year ago, and I have found it to be one of the greatest places on campus. In my field of archaeology, I work with students in a variety of environments, from one hundred person lectures to groups of five or more, in faraway places. But, the CEW is the only place I know I can go to and have a one on one interaction that creates a relationship with students in which there is more involvement in their work. This style of communication allows me to work with students in whatever way they need. [Read more.]

Keenan is the best! 

Keenan is an amazing consultant. He puts effort into understanding the context of the writing, and is encouraging about allowing you to follow your own diction. He is equally elaborate and gracious in his suggestions, and ultimately explicates his will for you to flourish as writer.


Who are your consultants?  

All of our consultants are students!  We employ undergraduate, MA level, and PhD level consultants.  Undergraduate consultants have demonstrated particular success as academic writers.  They have been recommended by faculty and have received extensive training regarding how writers develop and how to help.  Our graduate level consultants are strong writers in a variety of disciplines, and many have experience in the teaching of writing.  CEW consultants engage in weekly professional development, always with the goal of being of most help to you, the writer.  (Your feedback is also vitally important for our continuous improvement!)

Check out the bios below to find a consultant who fits your needs - or just for fun!

My consultant offered suggestions on things to expand on and asked me questions that allowed me to think about my paper in a different way. I’m so grateful for her help! 

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PhD consultants

Alex S.

Alex S    Comp Lit  

Alex’s research is focused on theories of knowledge and the concept of the self, particularly as they interact with Continental Philosophy and German Idealism. He enjoys techno music, the poetics of Jorge Luis Borges, and slowly learning the German language. Currently, he is having trouble trying to figure out why he likes Rothko paintings.

Amy G.

Amy G        English

Amy loves teaching science writing, and her current research focuses on the connections among different forms of popular genre fiction. Her other research interests include literary postmodernism, Derridean philosophy, the history of science, and animal studies. In her spare time, she's a dedicated cat whisperer.

Bella P.

Bella P        Theater

Bella currently holds an MFA from the Iowa Playwright’s Workshop. She was a Graduate Assistant at the University of Iowa, and taught Playwriting, Theater History, and Theater 101. She has also served as a teaching artist at Syracuse Stage, The Just Buffalo Literary Center, The Lancaster Opera House, and Road Less Traveled Productions. 

Ben K.

Ben K        CISL/TESOL

Ben has taught ESL to adult refugees through Adult Education programs. His primary research develops ESL literacy curricula. At the writing center, he loves when students come in with pre-writing questions and enjoys brain-storming. Ben has a small vegetable garden in his backyard where he grows many tasty veggies. He is trying to learn how to play the accordion too. While he loves both hobbies, his success has been mixed.

Botan D.

Botan D        Philosophy

Botan studies philosophy, and his main research interests are the nature of agency and reasoning. He also studied psychology as an undergraduate. Some of his non-academic goals are to produce electronic music, learn to speak German, and become an amateur astronomer. 

Cassandra S.

Cassandra S        English

Cassandra studies speculative fiction with a focus on race, gender, and class dynamics.  Hailing from North Dakota (one of the few places colder then Buffalo) she particularly enjoys photography, fashion, and roller derby.

Cassidy P.

Cassidy P        Classics

Cassidy studies Mediterranean archaeology.  In the summers, she excavates at the Etruscan site of Rofalco in Italy.  Her non-academic interests include watching the USWNT, cooking, and traveling.


Daae J        English

Daae's research interests include 20th century American literature, psychoanalysis, Marxism, and continental philosophy (particularly German Idealism). An active contributor to the Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Culture, she has been editing articles and has written a review for the journal Umbr(a). She's currently writing her dissertation tentatively titled, "Against the Metaphysics of Finitude: Psychoanalysis and the Aesthetics of Modernism."

Emily BP.

Emily BP        History

Emily is a doctoral candidate who focuses on the history of medicine and 16th-18th century European history. Her current interests include the history of the body and mental illness. She enjoys traveling, TV, movies, global folklore, horror stories, and playing with her dog. Moreover, she incorporates her humor and enthusiasm into everything she does.

Eric V.

Eric V        English

Eric is interested in new ways of reading various avant-guard, experimental, and liminal textual practices, particularly those dealing with scientific discourses and atypical fiction writing methodologies. His dissertation focuses on the fiction of William S. Burroughs.

As a CEW consultant, he enjoys working on graduate-level papers, dissertations, and peer-reviewed articles in STEM fields.

Hannah F.

Hannah F        English

Hannah studies transatlantic nineteenth century literature. Her research focuses on the history of science and psychology, examining issues of embodiment and sensation. When not studying or teaching Hannah enjoys cooking, discovering new music, and watching too much Netflix. 

Jake S.

Jake S        English

Jake's research interests include nationalism and national identities in twentieth-century British and Irish fiction, literature and social sciences, transnational literature relating to migration, and film studies. He enjoys photography, visiting museums, biking, and cooking.

James P.

James P        American Studies

James is a native of Buffalo. His research engages the cultural tradition and literary accomplishments of African-Americans and others in the African Diaspora. He also studies Ancient Africa. When James is not occupied with scholarly pursuits, he enjoys music, pop culture, politics, and following/playing sports—especially football and basketball—and he is a huge Buffalo Bills fan!

Keenan P.

Keenan P        Archeology

Keenan's research concentrates on the European Iron Age and consists of Roman reuse of earlier sites. On campus, he is a part of the Anthropology Graduate Student Association. When he is not working on his own research in the library or in the field, he is preparing for his next section-hike on the Appalachian trail. His interests include long-distance hiking, traveling and finding another new foodie paradise in Buffalo.

Luke H.

Luke H        English

Luke's research is focused on public and private social formations in American modernism and realism, using methods and perspectives derived from political and social insights from psychoanalysis. When he’s not studying, he is revisiting the X-Files, cooking, watching films, and getting back into running.

Marta A.

Marta A        Comparative Literature

Marta studies transnational feminism, philosophy, and psychoanalysis. Before graduate school, she taught ESL and Polish classes in Europe and the US. Marta likes free writing, lake swimming, and moshing. She also enjoys train rides.

Matt C.

Matt C        English

Matt's interests include punk music, Otis Redding and the end of white supremacy. He has written an unpublished book on an 18th Century mystical Swede.

Matt M.

Matthew M        Sociology

Matthew is interested in sociology of law, poverty, and urban sociology. He has taught classes on social theory, social psychology, social research methods, and criminology and has been awarded the Adeline Gordon Levine Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching Award. His dissertation explores how housing policy on lead poisoning plays a role in the reproduction of urban poverty.

Megan H.

Megan H        Comparative Literature

Megan studies French and English literature, trauma theory, feminist theory and psychoanalysis.  She teaches ENG105 and spends her free time in local cafés and bookstores.


Rhonda R    English Education

Rhonda's research focuses upon writing development and instruction.  Her dissertation project examines how writing centers are a vantage point for student experience with writing assignments that can inform larger conversations in the field, especially related to genre adaptability and transfer.  She is obsessed with yoga and dogs.  

Ryan B.

Ryan B        English

Ryan’s research focuses on connections between interdisciplinary avant-gardes, 20th century music, and emerging technologies. Outside of academia, he particularly enjoys making music, traveling, haunting the halls of art museums, and petting dogs.

Sam S.

Sam S      English                                                                       

Sam is an MA English student specializing in Modern British literature. Their research focuses on capital, psychoanalysis, and systems of control. Outside of school, Sam spends time writing creative non-fiction and making music.

Sarah S.

Sarah S        English

Sarah holds an MFA in Poetry from the University of Mississippi and is currently a Poetics student at UB. Her budding research interests include queer theory and gender studies, 20th-21st century experimental poetry, and early modern histories of the body. She carries a variety of protein-rich snacks in her very messy purse.

Shaowei H.

Shaowei H        English

Shaowei's current research interests include the eighteenth-century British novels, media study and translation theory. He is now working on his dissertation focusing on the fictional experience in the early Gothic fictions. During his spare time, he enjoys playing baseball and board games.

Stephine H.

Stephine H       American Studies

Stephine holds a Master's degree in English and is currently pursuing a PhD in American Studies. Her research interests include Indigenous and Critical Race/Ethnic Studies, the Environmental Humanities, and Decolonial Methodologies with a particular focus on conversations and literature about climate change and the environment. She is also an avid science fiction and fantasy reader, and lover of all things Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones.

Tiffany B.

Tiffany B        English

Tiffany's research interests are in intellectual culture in the nineteenth century, as well as Civil War poets female writers in the nineteenth century. Her other interests include gardening, listening to skincare podcasts, and compulsively buying houseplants.

Master's consultants

Katie W.

Katie W        Social Work

Katie is particularly interested in medical social work and end-of-life care. She loves to work with writers pushing through tough roadblocks at any point in their process, but especially in the planning (or re-planning) stage. When she's not squealing about someone's awesome personal statement, Katie's probably untangling her headphones, drinking iced coffee, or mapping out where she'll be caught lollygagging next.

Matthew B.

Matthew B        English

Matthew is in the MA program in English. He specializes in telling you everything is going to be alright and quips. His interests include comic books, poetry, Puerto Rico, and Hugo from the hit series Lost.

Sally F.

Sally F        Counseling

I am in the Mental Health Counseling Master’s program. I have a BA in Literature and experience working as a copy-editor and an English tutor. I’m an artistic person who loves animals. Ask me about my cats, and I will show you lots of cute pictures. In my free time, I listen to true crime podcasts. SSDGM!

Undergraduate consultants

Allie P.

Allie P        English

Allie studies Journalism, Social Justice, and Political Science. She is in the Thunder of the East Marching Band as a member of the Color Guard and a Brother of Kappa Kappa Psi, the national band service fraternity. Her hobbies include singing and playing ukulele, crocheting, and watching movies. After graduating, she hopes to get a career in social justice and political activism.

Emma F.

Emma F        Art History / Golbal Gender Studies

Emma transferred to UB after spending two years going to school in Saint Louis, Missouri (her favorite city). Emma’s favorite things to study are modern and contemporary art and its intersections with identity. Her other interests include pottery, self-reflection, facetiming her cats, and telling her friends she loves them. She is committed to learning and is always willing to chat about anything or nothing.


Rachel K        Psychology

Having transferred to UB after getting her Associate's from Cayuga Community College, Rachel has been with the CEW for almost a year, where she has found a welcoming community of other writers. As a psychology major, she takes a particular interest in the field of Biological Psychology, and would like to eventually work in an animal research lab. When she isn't studying or helping writers in the CEW, Rachel is either dancing, organizing and/or preparing for events as the President and one of the head coaches of UB Dancesport, a competitive ballroom dancing club on campus.


Riley L        Anthropology

Hailing from Daytona Beach, Florida, Riley is a transfer student excited to begin the latest chapter of her educational journey at UB. An anthropology major, she takes special interest in the cultural cross section of myth, monster, and marginalized identity. Her hobbies include tabletop roleplaying games, creative writing, and watching scary movies with her eyes closed. After graduating, she plans to continue her education in graduate school.

Sarah W.

Sarah W        History (UBTeach) / Classics

Sarah is from the City of Buffalo and is excited to continue her education at UB. She is a Welcome Weekend Leader and TA for CSE 199 at UB. She loves to discuss the Roman Empire on a daily basis with Tim Horton’s hot chocolate. Her hobbies include running, reading, working on her book and watching tons of Netflix. After graduation she hopes to teach World History in a high school.

Leadership and Administration

Rhonda Reid



Rhonda Reid has taught college writing for over twenty five years, and has also worked as a writer and editor in freelance and industry contexts. She has completed all coursework toward a PhD in English and is in the end stages of the doctoral program for English Education in Learning and Instruction specializing in writing instruction. She oversees the operations of the Writing Center and teaches Writing Center Theory & Practice, the preparation course for undergraduate consultants.  

Ramsey Perry


Resource Manager

Ramsey completed his Master’s in Business Administration from St. Bonaventure University in May 2016. Prior to working at UB, Ramsey began his professional career at Fisher-Price in East Aurora, New York where he worked with major retailers ordering toys. Ramsey is a huge sports fan and he has a passion for the Bills and Sabres. Ramsey occasionally travels to various cities throughout the country to cheer for his team. Another one of Ramsey’s passions is traveling. Ramsey is spontaneous and likes to see new places and learn more about different cultures. He oversees the administrative systems of the CEW including human resources, payroll, scheduling software, procurement, and budget processes.

Patricia Chaudron

Site Supervisor

I mainly supervise the Writing Lab at 128 Capen.  

Jibreel Ford

Marketing Specialist

The following teaching assistants serve as Assistants to the Director:
Ben K        Daae J        Matt M        Hannah F        Luke H.