Our Leadership


Rhonda Reid


Rhonda Reid has taught college writing for over twenty years, and has also worked as a writer and editor in freelance and industry contexts. She has completed all coursework toward a PhD in English and is in the end stages of the doctoral program for English Education in Learning and Instruction specializing in writing instruction. She teaches English 495 Composing/Consulting, the preparation course for undergraduate consultants, LAI 414/514 Adolescent Writing Across the Curriculum and directs the CEW.


Ramsey Perry

Resource Manager

Ramsey completed his Master’s in Business Administration from St. Bonaventure University in May 2016. Prior to working at UB, Ramsey began his professional career at Fisher-Price in East Aurora, New York where he worked with major retailers ordering toys. Ramsey is a huge sports fan and he has a passion for the Bills and Sabres. Ramsey occasionally travels to various cities throughout the country to cheer for his team. Another one of Ramsey’s passions is traveling. Ramsey is spontaneous and likes to see new places and learn more about different cultures. He oversees the administrative systems of the CEW including human resources, payroll, scheduling software, procurement, and budget processes.

 Derry Moore

Derry Moore

Associate Director

Derry is a PhD candidate and is currently working on his dissertation in the Linguistics department on Rural Identities and Linguistic Variation. He has worked as a freelance and contract editor in both academic and industry contexts and has teaching experience in linguistics classes.

Derry is interested in the effects of social power on consultant-writer dynamics and in adapting User Experience (UX) concepts to consultation practice. He has developed workshops exploring these and related issues. As Associate Director, Derry manages the Center's website, conducts data-driven analyses of the Center's operations, and assists in managing the Digital Composition Lab.

 Derry Moore

Ben Kaiser

Assistant to the Director

Ben is a PHD student in the Graduate School of Education. His primary research focus is developing emergent and ESL literacy curriculum for adult students with interrupted formal education (SIFEs), particularly refugees. To that end, he’s examining how to best utilize students’ unique experiences and skills in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms to improve their written literacy in English. Ben has been teaching ESL to adult refugees through the Buffalo Public Schools Adult Education program for five years.

This is his first year as an assistant to the director at the CEW. He works on developing resources for Non-Native English Speakers and the consultants who help them. Writing in a foreign language is a formidable task and refining these skills is a life-long process.

Daae Jung

Assistant to the Director

Daae Jung is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of English at SUNY Buffalo. Her research interests include 20th century American literature, psychoanalysis, Marxism, and continental philosophy (particularly German Idealism). She is currently writing her dissertation on the questions of individuation and the infinite in American modernism. An active contributor to the Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Culture, she has written book reviews and edited articles for the journal Umbr(a). Before joining the CEW, she taught composition courses at UB.

Joining the CEW as a writing consultant in 2015, Daae has been working with international student writers on all levels across disciplines. Based upon this consulting experience, she has been organizing a series of workshops for advanced international writers in collaboration with Patricia. Daae is interested in looking into how cross-cultural differences affect the ways in which international students approach their writing and interact with consultants. She currently works on developing strategies for addressing and managing these cross-cultural differences more effectively.

Matt McKleskey

Assistant to the Director

Matthew is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology and research assistant in the Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy in the School of Law. Before beginning graduate study in sociology at UB, he completed an M.A. in literary and culture studies with secondary training in rhetoric and composition at James Madison University. In addition to his sociology teaching experience in social theory, social psychology, and criminology, he has also taught first-year composition, developmental composition, and literature and worked in college writing centers and libraries at numerous two- and four-year institutions. 

As a CEW consultant, Matthew focuses on differences between writing in the humanities compared to the social sciences and is working on compiling materials for helping students with writing in the social sciences at both undergraduate and graduate levels. He enjoys working with students on preparing personal statements for graduate applications and preparing academic manuscripts for journal submission and publication. A former collegiate athlete, Matthew spends his spare time playing competitive men's soccer in various men's leagues in Western New York.

Hannah Ryan

Assistant to the Director

Hannah Ryan is a Ph.D. student in the English department who is writing a dissertation on religion and literature in the American South, the Caribbean and Latin America. In the CEW, she is especially interested in visual rhetoric and science writing, having worked as a technical editor for an engineering firm for several summer and holiday breaks. She is currently working on developing  a visual rhetoric workshop to serve the university community. In her free time, Hannah enjoys talking about cats to anyone who will listen, swimming and painting.

Amy Greer

Assistant to the Director

Amy Greer loves teaching science writing, and her current research focuses on the connections among different forms of popular genre fiction. Her other research interests include literary postmodernism, Derridean philosophy, the history of science, and animal studies. In her spare time, she's a dedicated cat whisperer.

The CEW functions smoothly thanks in no small part to our dedicated reception staff: