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Featured Consultant

  • Cassidy Phelps

    At the CEW, I love the opportunity to hear about other students' research and interests. Working with students on research papers, projects, and dissertations on topics from Eurovision, titanium implants, and Buffalo's urban planning, I've been able to expand my own knowledge significantly beyond my own research focus of Roman archaeology. Though these topics may not directly relate to my own field of study, talking through every part of the process, from planning to sources to clearly explaining complex processes has helped my own methods for approaching my dissertation.  We're all in school to learn, and I consider myself very lucky to be able to learn from my consultants as we tackle the daunting task of writing.

    cassidy p.

Featured Writer

  • Anoop Kiran

    I have previously applied for local and university scholarships throughout my time as an undergraduate at UB, but, when it came to preparing my research statement for the Barry M. Goldwater scholarship, I knew that I had to do something unconventional to distinguish myself from the other national nominees. That was when I decided to take the advice from UB office of Fellowships & Scholarships to approach the UB Center for Excellence in Writing (CEW).

    During my consultation with Callie, I realized the importance of having a new set of eyes that can proofread my work and help me to revise parts that were particularly unclear. Her professional guidance enabled me to gain insight on different approaches taken by students for writing formal scientific statements, which later helped translate into better communication in the classroom, as well as conferencing experience. Throughout the writing process, Callie was supportive and patient as we worked through multiple revisions. I couldn’t have done it without the assistance from CEW, specifically my consultant Callie.

    I would highly recommend other students to consider making consultations at this free and resourceful center that is provided by UB to promote student excellence in writing. You never know unless you try; the Goldwater changed my life and writing such statements can change yours too. You just have to believe in the process and reach out for help from the right people at the right time.​

    danny kim.