Workshops and Presentations

Below is a menu of workshops and presentations available through the CEW.

Workshops will be offered each semester, and we may also be able to bring these to your group on an outreach basis. While we are no longer able to do customized workshops, feel free to suggest a workshop topic that you feel would benefit the UB community and we may be able to develop and offer it in the future. Inquire at

Classroom Presentations

A CEW representative would be happy to visit your classroom. We currently have two presentations to choose from.

  1. An introduction to CEW services. 10 - 15 minutes. Representative will welcome students to visit the CEW, show them how to schedule an appointment, describe how to use CEW services effectively, and answer any questions. Presenters are trained to begin the rapport process with students and to break down resistance and stigma associated with using support services. 
  2. An orientation to peer workshopping. 20 - 45 minutes. Representative will give class an orientation to effective feedback strategies and lead them toward dialogical rather than corrective approaches to each other's writing. Workshop can include a short demonstration or peer activity, depending upon preference of instructor.