The Center for Excellence in Writing  encourages faculty to integrate writing into their curriculum in order to help students synthesize and transfer knowledge and get involved in the discourse of the discipline.  Here are some resources.  

Syllabus insert

Copy and paste the following language into your syllabus:

The Center for Excellence in Writing (CEW) provides individual consultations to support you at any stage of your writing process.  Friendly CEW consultants will help you at your individualized points of need or interest, whether it be devising an approach to an assignment, brainstorming, assistance with the research process, helping you to generate more material, assisting with citation practices, providing feedback on a finished draft, and more. The CEW also can be a great source of ongoing support for students who are not native speakers of English. The CEW currently has remote writing support appointments available seven days per week! To book an appointment, go to  If you have any questions, email