Dissertation Retreats and Writing Groups

Are your graduate students getting stalled out in the final stages of their programs?  Joining a writing group or a dissertation retreat is a great way to keep the momentum going!  

The CEW is committed to supporting writers as they negotiate their major, degree-culminating projects. In addition to individual consulting services, we recommend:

Dissertation Retreats: These week long writing events are offered five times per year and offer a comfortable work space, refreshments, and most importantly, the accountability and support that comes with working with a community. Because space is limited, we also recommend that departments host their own retreats. We can give you some guidance on how to structure these, if you like.

Writing Groups: Research supports what we have witnessed here at the CEW: writing groups have a miraculous effect on the dissertation process. Such groups tend to provide structure, support, dialogue and accountability that keep writing momentum going forward. Writing groups write together, share timelines, provide a sounding board for challenges and dilemmas, and can give feedback to each other's drafts. While we have found that writing groups that form organically within disciplines or related disciplines tend to work best, we can consult with you on research based best practices for facilitating such groups.

Inquiries related to dissertation retreats or writing groups should be directed to writing@buffalo.edu.

Email writing@buffalo.edu to inquire about any of these programs.