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Our goal is to support your students as they work to achieve their academic goals. We use a "talk it out" strategy based upon on a central question:  "How can I help?"  Whether it is learning how to structure an argument, develop genre awareness, cite research properly, increase mechanical control or simply to have someone to talk out their ideas in preparation for writing, our service is a low pressure space for students to talk through the inevitable challenges of a writing process.  

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The Center for Excellence in Writing (CEW) is available to help you with your essays.  Our appointments will be one-to-one via a virtual platform where you can see and talk to a friendly writing consultant and share your draft.  We can help with planning, brainstorming, revising – really to help you to work through any obstacle you are encountering in the writing process.  Go to to make an appointment.  Should you have any difficulty, email ​