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Our goal is to support your students as they work to achieve their academic goals. We use a "talk it out" strategy based upon on a central question:  "How can I help?"  Whether it is learning how to structure an argument, develop genre awareness, cite research properly, increase mechanical control or simply to have someone to talk out their ideas in preparation for writing, our service is a low pressure space for students to talk through the inevitable challenges of a writing process.  

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Our core service is a one to one consultation in which each writer has the opportunity to talk about their particular interests or needs related to writing. The consultant can help the writer with any stage of the writing process.
Below is a menu of workshops and presentations available through the CEW.
Are your graduate students getting stalled out in the final stages of their programs?  Joining a writing group or a dissertation retreat is a great way to keep the momentum going!  
For faculty who integrate writing into their curriculum, the extra challenge experienced by students who are not native English speakers can cause some concern and uncertainty. Here are some tips for how to support your multilingual students!
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The Center for Excellence in Writing (CEW) provides individual consultations to support you at any stage of your writing process.  Friendly and relatable CEW consultants will help you at your individualized points of need or interest, whether it be devising an approach to an assignment, brainstorming, assistance with the research process, helping you to generate more material, assisting with citation practices, providing feedback on a finished draft, and more. The CEW also can be a great source of ongoing support for students who are not native speakers of English. The CEW’s main center is located in 209 Baldy Hall and an additional Writing Lab is in 128 Capen.  Appointments can be made by dropping in, online at, or by calling 645-5139.