M&T Tech Coding Challenge

Coding Challenge flyer featuring a desktop computer with challenge details displayed on the screen.

Let's put those technical skills to the test, learn something new, and have some fun along the way! Join the M&T Tech Coding Challenge to work through Leetcode problems and network with technologists.

Congratulations, winners!

This year's M&T Tech Coding Challenge has come to a close!

Congratulations to the UB students who completed the coding challenge and will receive a 1:1 Coffee Chat with a technologist at M&T. Four randomly students will receive a an Amazon gift card. 

Watch the live prize drawing. (Password: 9kJxpkCR)

Why should I participate?

  • Get comfortable with coding
  • Improve confidence with coding platforms
  • Prepare for tech interviews 
  • Expand your professional network
  • Win prizes!

For those planning to pursue technology roles in industry, this coding challenge will provide a taste of the technical skill demonstration many employers will expect from candidates during the recruitment cycle. Plus, participants will build their professional networks, making connections with technologists and recruiters working at M&T Tech.

Who can participate?

The M&T Tech Coding Challenge is open to UB undergraduate and graduate students of all majors who have an interest in coding. Challenges are available at all levels from beginner to advanced.

What is the participation timeline?

A Kickoff Call took place February 25, 4:00-5:00 PM EST via Zoom. Members of the M&T Technology Development Program provided details on how to participate. 

Missed the call? No problem! A recording of the Zoom session is linked below.

Final code submissions are due March 11, 2021.

Materials for participants

For information on how to participate and submit your code, help resources, and a recording of the information session, use the links below.


Contact the M&T Tech NextGen Talent Team at nextgentalentteam@mtb.com