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Face Coverings on Campus

Published April 23, 2020

Dear UB Students,

As we continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we wanted to bring UB students up-to-date on the most recent news regarding the requirement to wear face coverings on campus. In accordance with Governor Cuomo's announcement on April 17, UB is encouraging students to wear face coverings (nose and mouth). This advisory is specific to all University at Buffalo common areas: including residence halls and libraries where social distancing may not be possible; ordering or picking up food on campus; and riding UB transportation, etc.

It is important to be reminded that the use of a face covering is not intended to protect the wearer from exposure to the virus. Face coverings are a physical barrier intended to stop the spread of respiratory droplets from the wearer into the environment. Social distancing is still the primary way to slow the spread of COVID-19, and should be maintained on campus regardless of whether a person is wearing a mask or face covering.

Face coverings can be items you already have, such as a bandanna or scarf, or you can make a simple cloth mask that can be laundered and re-used.  CDC guidance for making your own face coverings is available at this helpful link.  Please note that the university is working to secure masks for our campus community and details regarding their availability will be forthcoming. In the interim, please use your best judgment when entering areas where social distancing is not feasible.

Please continue to self-monitor your health. Anyone who is not feeling well and may be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should stay home. Students who are not feeling well are encouraged to consult with their family physician or UB Health Services, where the staff is prepared to answer questions and provide support.

Thanks again for your cooperation. We are focused on complying with all local and state mandates, while keeping our UB community safe and healthy. With your help, we will all get through this together.


Christina R. Hernandez

Interim Vice President for Student Life


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