UB Campus Bookstore Task Force

University Bookstore exterior.

The task force will solicit broad and inclusive feedback from the University community on the future of UB campus store needs and operations.  

Task Force Goals

  • Through focus groups, surveys, town halls, and other instruments, solicit broad and inclusive feedback from the university community on the future of UB campus store needs and operations. 
  •  Review other peer institutions and third party vendors to assess current models of campus store operations.
  • Using data and feedback obtained from the university community, external peers, and third party vendors, make recommendations on campus store service levels to be provided to the University at Buffalo. These recommendations should include consideration of traditional textbooks sales and rentals, the continued emergence of digital textbooks and other recent industry innovations, university apparel, supplies, and other related retail opportunities associated with campus stores, such as food service, package delivery service, post office services, etc. The Task Force recommendations will address service level expectations for each campus.   
  • Consider opportunities for corporate and philanthropic partnerships as part of its recommendations. 
  • Provide a framework for the university to move forward with the task force recommendations including delivery of service models, management and financial models of operation (university run operations or in conjunction with a third-party contractor), desired locations, and a time line for execution.


The task force will utilize the following subcommittees to collect and evaluate data:

  • Delivery of Academic Material
  • Contracts
  • Physical Space Review
  • Assessment


John Lambert – Chair

Director, Student Life Marketing and Communications

Jim Atwood

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Cheryl Bailey

Associate Director, Campus Planning

Kimberly Behun

Web Accessibility Coordinator, Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Donna Berryman

Head of Health Sciences Library Services, University Libraries

Chris Clune

Director, IT Customer Service

Sandy Flash

Associate Vice Provost, Educational Affairs

Kendra Harris

Undergraduate Student Association

Jim Jensen

Professor of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Tom Okon

Assistant Vice President, Business Reporting and Systems

Chanel Powell

Student at Large; President, Student Veterans Association

Jennifer Rose

General Manager, Campus Tees 

Tom Tiberi

Director, Campus Living

Cynthia Todd

Trademarks and Licensing Manager, University Communications

Nate Wills

Deputy Director of Athletics & Chief Operating Officer


  • Faculty-staff web survey (open) - November 2019
  • Student survey (by invitation, cross-sample) - November 2019
  • Facilitated student focus group(s) - November 2019
  • Open focus group activity 
    • Harriman Hall, South Campus 11/20/19
    • Student Union, North Campus 11/21/19

The task force is anticipating sharing their findings during the early part of 2020.

Open Focus Group Activities