Business Administration

Have you ever dreamed about starting your own company, managing operations for a global corporation, or finding other ways to use your talent in the business world? Whether you want to work for a startup, small business, Fortune 500 company, nonprofit or government organization, a business administration degree gives you the skills and experience you need to get hired and ethically contribute. If you are looking for a major you can use in nearly any business setting around the globe; this is the program for you.

What will I learn?

Marketing. Finance. Operations. Management. Technology. Data analytics. Organizational behavior. As a business administration major, you’ll learn about all of the key pieces involved in starting, running and growing a business, like the ability to communicate clearly, think critically, solve problems and lead teams. Classes often include real-world case studies that bring the business world to life and challenge you to think about what you would do in similar circumstances. Choosing a specific business concentration (or two) will let you dive in and focus on one area, typically with a series of upper-level courses in your junior and senior years. 

At the UB School of Management, you can choose from a range of concentrations, including:

  • Data analytics—apply advanced methods and models to business challenges as you learn to analyze, manipulate and draw inferences from large data sets.
  • Entrepreneurship—learn how to think creatively, start a small business and use your entrepreneurial skills within a larger organization.
  • Financial analysis—gain a deeper understanding of financial issues as you prepare financial statements, analyze cash flow and study risk versus return for capital investments.
  • Human resources management—study effective leadership and motivational practices for recruiting, developing and retaining people within an organization.
  • International business—get a global perspective on economics, trade, corporate cultures, marketing across borders, managing international finances and other key topics.
  • Management information systems—solve business problems using technology such as databases, network devices, cloud technologies, computer-based systems and programming languages.
  • Marketing—prepare for a career in sales or marketing as you learn about creating and overseeing marketing programs, including consumer behavior, digital marketing, brand management and other topics.
  • Operations and supply chain management—study strategic quality management, optimum supply chain configurations, modern project management and other concepts that give organizations an advantage.


What can I do outside of class?

From Silicon Valley to UB’s Student Union, you’ll find plenty of places where you can learn, grow and make friends.

  • Student groups. UB has many business-focused groups where you can compete, meet other students and give back to the community.
  • Internships and experiential learning. Our interns have developed programs for Goodwill, worked for Under Armour, and learned from experts nationwide through research and case competitions.
  • Study abroad. Whether you want to work for a global company or you just love to travel, consider studying abroad.
  • UB's Blackstone Launchpad. Our entrepreneurship hub offers programs, support and connections.
Student Clubs
Study Abroad

What can I do with a business administration degree?

It's simple, really. This degree gives you an incredible amount of freedom as you choose where to start—and grow—your career. For inspiration, just look at our alumni, whose careers have included:

  • Startup founder.
  • Assistant vice president at M&T Bank.
  • Social media influencer partnering with Google and others.
  • Chief human resources officer for 50,000+ employees.
  • Vice president of a 100-year-old hardware store.
  • Founding partner of a law firm.
  • Manager of Boeing’s Phantom Works program.
  • Co-founder of a virtual reality company.
  • CEO of Xerox.
  • Owner of a dessert studio.
  • Supply and demand manager for Coca-Cola.
  • CEO of Cholula hot sauce.
  • Advisor to the Federal Communications Commission.
  • Manager of a $5 billion real estate portfolio.

Of course, you can also go on to get an MBA, either as part of a combined BS/MBA program, directly after you graduate or later in your career.

Who will I learn from?

At the UB School of Management, you’ll find top researchers and thought leaders, as well as experienced business people with a wide range of expertise in marketing, finance, human resources and other key areas. This means that, as a student, you’ll learn about business theory integrated with plenty of real-world examples.

Perhaps most importantly, our faculty members are exceptional teachers and mentors. Many have been lauded for their expertise in the classroom, and several have received prestigious recognition like the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and the SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professorship. Throughout your time at UB, you’ll find that our faculty take pride in mentoring and coaching you, and often share contacts and connections that can help you get internships and jobs.