African-American Studies

Make an even greater impact, whatever you plan to do in life. This program is for anyone who wants to increase their cultural awareness and gain invaluable insights about some of today’s most talked-about issues, including race, class and gender.

The African-American Studies program—perhaps the first interdisciplinary program at UB—offers a comprehensive view of the Black world. If you want to understand global history, migrations, religions, economics, politics, popular culture and other key factors that shape society, start right here.

What will I learn?

Immerse yourself in the past, present and future as you choose from a variety of fascinating courses about the African diaspora and other world-changing events. Here, you’ll focus on themes that continue to play a significant role in our lives as you study the African American, African, Caribbean and Black European experience.

With a relatively small number of required classes, this program combines a holistic approach with opportunities to further explore your personal interests such as culture, history and art.

What can I do outside of class?

Ready to get a first-hand look at Buffalo’s key role in the Underground Railroad? Want to help your neighbors through established community service programs? You can do that—and much more—as a UB student.

Of course, you can also:

  • Travel to Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin and South America as part of a study abroad program.
  • Help shape public policy through an internship with an elected official.
  • Pursue research alongside faculty.

And don’t forget about our active student organizations, including the Black Student Union, the Caribbean Students Association and the African Students Association.

Study Abroad
Student Clubs

What can I do with an African-American studies degree?

Diplomat. Lawyer. Museum curator. Banker. Health specialist. Journalist. These are just a few of the careers you can choose from with a degree that gives you an in-depth understanding of people and culture.

The African-American studies program prepares you for advancement and flexibility throughout your career. Tap into some of today’s most in-demand skills, including:

  • Increased cultural fluency
  • The ability to think critically about complex problems
  • The confidence to conduct in-depth research
  • An advanced understanding of communication tools 

Some of the more popular career paths for our alumni include working in education, government, international affairs, law, urban renewal and health professions—but really, the only limit is how you choose to apply your skills.

Who will I learn from?

Our faculty have served as fellows at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including the Rockefeller Foundation and Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies. They have earned distinguished awards not only for their writing, but also for their advocacy work and teaching methods. Their areas of specialty include everything from history and sociology to gender studies, hip hop studies and political science.

Outside of the classroom, our faculty have been chosen to edit major journals, publish groundbreaking articles and monographs, and guide leading organizations by serving on scholarly boards around the world.

If you’re looking for internationally recognized scholars who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and insight, you’re in the right place.