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UB ID. Some incoming UB students check out their new UB Cards during a recent orientation session. New students will start arriving on campus in about two weeks for the start of the fall semester on Aug. 29. (Photo: Doug Levere)

Unitrust to support SEAS students

A $1 million unitrust from UB alumnus Erich Bloch will support undergraduate fellowships and graduate assistantships for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. » Full Story

Re-evaluating IT at UB. As part of the ongoing UB 2020 strategic-planning initiative, 130 members of the university community gathered last week to discuss why the university is re-evaluating the way it does information technology business.

Bullying serious matter for both parties. A UB psychologist says that the consequences of bullying behavior are so serious for all parties involved that it should be stopped in its tracks by anyone who observes it.

Tooth loss in women. A study by UB oral biologists has found that postmenopausal women with periodontal disease have an increasesd risk of tooth loss.