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TRAFFIC STOPPERS. A gaggle of geese stopped traffic on Millersport Highway while on its way to a cool dip in Spauding Lake on a very hot day. (Photo: Doug Levere)

UB joins in effort to enhance education in India

UB has joined with four U.S. universities, a group of Indian institutions and three international corporations to enhance science-and-engineering education in India. » Full Story

Wife influences husband's pot use. While it's the husband among newlywed couples who has more influence on whether the couple engages in heavy drinking, it's the wife who appears to be in the driver's seat when it comes to determining her husband's marijuana use.

UB media artists featured in "Infringement Festival." Two UB faculty members will offer an opportunity to interact with virtual worlds to those attending Buffalo's eclectic, independent, experimental and politically charged Infringement Festival.

UB researchers win top spots in global "protein structure Olympics." For any institution that is home to even a single winner in the international "protein structure Olympics," winning a top spot means automatic bragging rights. Imagine winning three.

States may become constitutional battlegrounds over civil liberties. Constitutional battles over civil liberties could intensify at the state level if the Supreme Court becomes more conservative under President Bush with the retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor.