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BEHIND THE SCENE. As part of the Explore the Arts theatrical arts program for middle school students, (from left) Sarah Drexelius, 12; Kayla Torres, 13; and Alexia Guzman, 10, paint benches that were used as scenery during the program's final showcase performance held on Friday in the Center for the Arts. (Photo: Laura Fairbanks)

New Dell cluster expands CCR's capacity

UB has nearly doubled the computing capacity of the Center for Computational Research in its New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences with the installation of a new Dell high-performance computing cluster. » Full Story

Penksa named to control board. State Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi has named Janet Penksa, UB associate vice president for government affairs, as his appointment to the control board that will oversee Erie County's finances.

Pomeroy earns fellowship. Research by nursing faculty member Sherry Pomeroy on physical activity among rural older adults has earned her a $120,000, two-year postdoctoral fellowship in a national competition funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation and Atlantic Philanthropies.

Advice for traveling in Vietnam. Mark Ashwill, director of the World Languages Program, has written a detailed and well-received book that provides vital information for those working and traveling in Vietnam.

Roberts likely to earn confirmation. Unless liberal interest groups uncover something extreme about Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, he should survive the nomination process and earn confirmation, says UB political science professor Mark Hurwitz, an expert on judicial politics.