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BRAC APPEAL. Ron Kolesar of Grand Island, who retired from the National Guard's 107th Air Refueling Wing at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, makes his feelings known on Monday during a rally outside the Center for the Arts. The Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) held a hearing in the CFA on the proposed closing of the Niagara Falls base. (Photo: Sue Wuetcher)

Faculty see worldwide recognition related to extreme events

More than 50 UB faculty members gathered yesterday to discuss how to leverage UB's expertise in the "mitigation and response to extreme events." » Full Story

Integrating research called key step by molecular recognition group

A draft of a "white paper" prepared by the Molecular Recognition in Biological Systems group urges the integration of currently autonomous research groups as being key to levering UB's strengths in the strategic field. » Full Story

Prof authors book on scandal. A UB physician has turned the inside story of a medical scandal in Canada into a nonfiction best seller.

Breast-cancer risk. UB researchers have found that premenopausal women who were heavier than average at birth or had not been breastfed as infants appear to be at increased risk for developing breast cancer.

Simulations are persuasive tools. The Center for Computational Research is among those assisting companies and agencies by applying its state-of-the-art technologies to animating reconstructions of accidents or depicting virtual traffic jams in neighborhoods that don't yet exist.

Quake program attracts Mosqueda. Engineering faculty member Gilberto Mosqueda says he joined the UB faculty to be part of its top-notch earthquake engineering program.

The power of narrative. UB faculty member Scott Stevens says we may be witnessing the establishment of a "black legend" about the United States, one that could seriously damage America’s reputation and reduce its influence worldwide.

Experience sets life's course. An experience in a Florida emergency room led Fort Erie native and UB faculty member Debra Street to choose a career as a sociologist.

Focus on childhood mental illness. A conference being cosponsored by UB and McMaster University will discuss new and effective treatments for mental illnesses affecting children and teens.

Geocoding the blogosphere. Researchers in the School of Informatics are studying how information from weblogs, or "blogs," produced in urban areas reflects the political agendas, opinions, attitudes and cultural idiosyncrasies of the general population of those places.

Grokster decision mixed. The Supreme Court's decision in MGM v. Grokster offers both good news and bad news for copyright law and followers of new technologies like P2P according to a UB expert.

Barriers to dental care. A survey of senior citizens conducted by researchers in the School of Dental Medicine found that more than half faced barriers to seeing a dentist, with cost reported as the most serious barrier.

Treatment for thrush. A discovery by UB oral biologists may lead ot a better drug to treat candidiasis, more commonly known as thrush.